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STE with Sync issues?
Posted by: Oldskool Jan,14.2018-20:19 

Hi Guys, (and girls? probably not)

I have bought an STE some time ago. It's an early model with a separate blitter.
It does not have an RF out installed on the board and no RF hole in the housing. It seems to work perfectly on most software. There are however issues on some newer demos which use full screen tricks or lots of colors. For instance Sea of color, Midnight sun or We were @. The problem is that the screen/display loses sync (starts rolling or displays half) or some colors are displayed wrong. It's not present on all screens. Is this hardware related (broken) or is my STE a bit of an odd model or version which is not compatible with some of these software tricks due for instance missing some hardware components on the PCB due to not having an RF?


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