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STOP IT Another fellow Jun,15.2019-20:07
  Re: STOP IT defjam Jun,15.2019-22:55
  Re: STOP IT Another swallow Jun,16.2019-01:05
wietze == LSD addict & junkie defjam Jun,15.2019-11:04
  Re: wietze == LSD addict & junkie Some fellow Jun,15.2019-12:58
    Re: wietze == LSD addict & junkie defjam Jun,15.2019-16:52
      Re: wietze == LSD addict & junkie some fellow Jun,15.2019-19:51
        Re: wietze == LSD addict & junkie defjam Jun,15.2019-22:55
evl/dhs == child porn freak? defjam Jun,15.2019-11:02
  wietze == LSD addict & junkie defjam Jun,15.2019-11:03
atariscene - idiot scene defjam Jun,13.2019-22:54
  Re: atariscene - idiot scene sataide Jun,15.2019-00:27
    Re: atariscene - idiot scene atariscene sucks Jun,15.2019-04:46
      Re: atariscene - idiot scene defjam Jun,15.2019-08:20
        Re: atariscene - idiot scene atariscene Jun,15.2019-10:48
          Re: atariscene - idiot scene defjam Jun,15.2019-10:59
            Re: atariscene - idiot scene defjam Jun,15.2019-11:00
wietze defjam Apr,19.2019-11:21
  Re: wietze dr phil Apr,19.2019-15:53
    Re: wietze defjam Apr,19.2019-17:17
      Re: wietze The Dog Apr,19.2019-22:10
        Re: wietze defjam Apr,21.2019-19:57
          Watch a demo about it tIn Apr,22.2019-00:19
            Re: Watch a demo about it defjam Apr,23.2019-07:00
              Re: Watch a demo about it casual observer Apr,23.2019-07:51
                Re: Watch a demo about it defjam Apr,23.2019-14:05
                  Re: Watch a demo about it casual observer Apr,23.2019-18:37
                  Re: Watch a demo about it Aldous Huxley Apr,23.2019-18:42
            Tin's demo Alien / ST-CNX May,02.2019-01:32
        Re: wietze The Dog Apr,23.2019-19:33
          Re: wietze defjam Apr,23.2019-21:59
            Re: wietze Karl Frenzel Apr,29.2019-23:09
              Re: wietze s_t_s Apr,30.2019-13:49
                Re: wietze defjam May,10.2019-20:51
Stop the crap please evil Apr,18.2019-08:14
SH 19 - Registration wietze Mar,09.2019-17:00
  Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Mar,10.2019-13:22
    Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Mar,11.2019-00:07
      Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Mar,11.2019-23:27
        Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Mar,12.2019-23:08
          Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Mar,13.2019-00:00
            Re: SH 19 - Registration Anders / New Beat Mar,13.2019-05:52
            Re: SH 19 - Registration smfx^2 Mar,13.2019-18:31
              Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Mar,13.2019-21:57
                Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Mar,16.2019-18:29
                  Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Mar,18.2019-00:40
                    Re: SH 19 - Registration Britelite Mar,19.2019-11:37
                      Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Mar,19.2019-18:39
                      Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Mar,19.2019-19:14
                        Re: SH 19 - Registration CiH Mar,20.2019-22:52
                          Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Mar,21.2019-16:37
                          Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Apr,02.2019-00:11
                            Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Apr,02.2019-21:28
                              Re: SH 19 - Registration Britelite Apr,03.2019-12:05
                                Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Apr,06.2019-18:17
                                  Re: SH 19 - Registration Paranoid / PDX Apr,09.2019-20:15
                                    Re: SH 19 - Registration nerve Apr,09.2019-20:33
                                    Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Apr,09.2019-20:41
                                      Re: SH 19 - Registration Paranoid / PDX Apr,14.2019-13:11
                                        Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Apr,15.2019-00:03
                                          Re: SH 19 - Registration Orion Apr,15.2019-00:48
                                            Re: SH 19 - Registration Orion Apr,15.2019-00:53
                                              Re: SH 19 - Registration Orion Apr,15.2019-09:55
                                                Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Apr,16.2019-01:29
                                                  Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Apr,16.2019-11:51
                                                    Re: SH 19 - Registration Orion Apr,16.2019-12:26
                                                    Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Apr,16.2019-23:26
                                                  Re: SH 19 - Registration Orion Apr,16.2019-12:24
                                                    Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Apr,16.2019-23:34
                                                      Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel Apr,16.2019-23:38
                                                        Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze May,05.2019-15:00
                                                          Re: SH 19 - Registration Daniel May,05.2019-20:51
                                                            Re: SH 19 - Registration smfx May,29.2019-23:26
                                                              Re: SH 19 - Registration lsl Jun,02.2019-16:49
                                                                Re: SH 19 - Registration s_t_s Jun,02.2019-21:04
                                                                  Re: SH 19 - Registration defjam Jun,03.2019-21:20
                                                                    Re: SH 19 - Registration S_t_s Jun,04.2019-14:02
                                                                      Re: SH 19 - Registration Give it up! Jun,04.2019-21:49
                                                                        Re: SH 19 - Registration ggn Jun,05.2019-07:41
                                                                          Re: SH 19 - Registration Speechless Jun,06.2019-00:47
                                                                      Re: SH 19 - Registration defjam Jun,07.2019-05:42
                                                    DeathLame Tourette Syndrome Jun,06.2019-05:58
                                                      Re: DeathLame defjam Jun,07.2019-11:34
  Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Jun,06.2019-11:26
    Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Jun,06.2019-11:27
      Re: SH 19 - Registration s_t_s Jun,06.2019-12:54
        Re: SH 19 - Registration defjam Jun,07.2019-05:43
          Re: SH 19 - Registration defjam Jun,07.2019-11:31
        Re: SH 19 - Registration wietze Jun,07.2019-11:42
          Re: SH 19 - Registration defjam Jun,11.2019-02:22
Steve Bak Chuck/Dune Feb,07.2019-10:58
  Re: Steve Bak damog Feb,07.2019-12:06
Hatari 2.2 has been released Mr. Styckx Jan,31.2019-18:57
  Re: Hatari 2.2 has been released Anders / New Beat Jan,31.2019-21:11
  Re: Hatari 2.2 has been released RA/pdx Feb,04.2019-14:47
    Re: Hatari 2.2 has been released Daniel Feb,06.2019-02:20
  Re: Hatari 2.2 has been released Mr. Styckx Feb,18.2019-15:43
    Re: Hatari 2.2 has been released Daniel Feb,18.2019-23:30
      Re: Hatari 2.2 has been released gwEm/PHF Feb,19.2019-00:17
  Re: Hatari 2.2 has been released sqward Feb,18.2019-22:25
Sillyventure 2K19 is on !!! Felice Jan,30.2019-21:30
  Re: Sillyventure 2K19 is on !!! Grey Jan,31.2019-19:31
    Re: Sillyventure 2K19 is on !!! Felice Mar,29.2019-22:13
message to wietze defjam Jan,18.2019-16:46
  Re: message to wietze GOD Jan,18.2019-23:55
    Re: message to wietze defjam Jan,19.2019-16:02
      Re: message to wietze wikipedia Jan,20.2019-09:28
LZ4 fast depacker leonard Jan,18.2019-13:58
  Re: LZ4 fast depacker sqward Jan,18.2019-22:59
    Re: LZ4 fast depacker leonard Jan,19.2019-03:12
      Re: LZ4 fast depacker Leofanclub Jan,21.2019-18:43
        Re: LZ4 fast depacker bob_er/mec Jan,24.2019-20:38
MCoder's sprite routines baah Dec,31.2018-16:13
  Re: MCoder's sprite routines Anonyme Dec,31.2018-16:31
    Re: MCoder's sprite routines baah Dec,31.2018-16:37
Happy Christmas Tronic Dec,24.2018-19:51
  Re: Happy Christmas alien / ST-CNX Dec,25.2018-00:02
    Re: Happy Christmas defjam Jan,06.2019-06:49
      Re: Happy Christmas defjam Jan,06.2019-06:51
      Re: Happy Christmas s_t_s Jan,06.2019-22:36

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