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We've had message boards on since 1995, apart from some spam attempts it's been going pretty well allowing us to be able to keep it an open message forum without the need to register, without any tracking, without cookies and very good browser compatibility (Atari browsers included).

Good times doesn't last forever and we've been hit with with a person whose goal is to spread hate, lies and in general make people feel uncomfortable. In the summer of 2019 we selected to close the message boards and comment sections as the situation was becoming unbearable.

After much thought if we should close the site completely or open up the boards again with some sort of personal verification, we decided to give it a ago to open it up again. From now on, you need to register your nick and a personal captcha code to be able to post messages and comments on the site. We will manually grant or deny every request, please bear with us that it can take a day or so to complete. We are not doing any tracking or sending you cookies, but due to handling personal captchas, we've switched the site over to require HTTPS, something that will likely break browsing for many Atari browsers, which really suck.

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