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Re: Mint, XaAES with Jinnee
Posted by: ggn May,01.2015-09:48 

>I have many questions but let's start there.

Yes, yes you do :).

>Ok I need some help with installing Mint. I want a full blown mint setup. Not some hacked up or watered down version.

If were going to be a pedantic linux hippie I'd stop my reply here and tell you that since mint is simply a kernel, a full blown mint setup will consist of sticking the kernel in the auto folder and a couple of drivers in the mint folder and that's it. But I won't ;).

> What files will I need???

ALL OF THEM! (joking :))

> Any recommendations on how to do a fresh install on a completely fresh setup.

If you want to do a complete fresh install without the pains of doing everything by hand, there are a few choices fortunately:


Personally, I'd go for easymint and build on top of it. But I dunno, you might want to try the others too, see what looks better for you.

(Just for completion I'll just paste this link here which sounds very close to what I perceive you're asking - a full blown mint + tons of apps ready and set up. BUT.... it's built around aranym so I'm not sure about the implications. They're probably minor -just remove a couple of drivers I suppose- but I've not tested it on real hardware myself and it might be a LOT of hassle. So beware, here be dragons and all that stuff...)

> I am planning on using this on my second Falcon that will have a CT63, etherNAT and I am hoping the CTPCI. I want to do install this onto a compact flash card setup. Any sites or tips anyone can give me would be appreciated.

See above, unless you mean something else here.

> I have been not working on my Atari as much as I should.

Yes. (and that goes for pretty much all of us ;)).

> I really want to get back into this strong and heavy!!!

You go, guy :).

> What cards are able to work on the CTPCI??? I read somewhere about the fact that the CTPCI has a faster IDE port, is this true and is it functional???

Pass - don't have one. Any other takers?

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