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CT60 + Phantom
Posted by: mikro Jun,06.2015-12:50 

Hi guys,

is there anybody using CT60 along with a Phantom/Nemesis? Recently I dug up my Phantomed Falcon which I had been using for years (before switching to a more "tower friendly" one) even with CT60, but for a world I can't remember whether it had worked on RGB, too.

Because the current state of things is as follows:

- CT60 off + VGA: works
- CT60 on + VGA: works
- CT60 off + RGB: works
- CT60 on + RGB: doesn't work

Strange, huh? I'm talking merely about removing the jumper on CT60, nothing else. The failed state behaves also quite unexpectedly -- disk is spinning, LEDs are shining, ... it's not the usual 'out of sync, everything's dead' state as we all know ;) It seems like it's about to start but it doesn't.

Of course, on the other Falcon, the same CT60 works in RGB, so it must have something with the Phantom. I'd love to hear whether someone else has had success in the same configuration (the Phantom is quite aged so it's possible something has broken).

The only test needed is to remove the VGA reduction and let such machine boot. If you can hear key clicks, disk is booting, ... then it means the machine is OK in CT60+RGB, too.

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CT60 + Phantom mikro Jun,06.2015-12:50
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