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MagXNet connection issue
Posted by: Falcon060 Apr,29.2015-23:31 

To anyone,
I am not sure if this is the right area for this but I will throw it in here and someone can correct me if I am wrong. I have 2 Falcon's that I want to get connected to the internet. First Falcon has the following specs:

CT60'ed Falcon running at 98mhz. with Mobo overclocking mod
SuperVidel (is not on this machine yet but I think I am going to put it on this machine)
Running Magic 6.2 with Jinnee 2.5 and using MagXNet.

The second Falcon will have the following specs:
CT63'ed Falcon, already has MOBO overclocked thanks to fellow Atarian.
Want to run MINT with Jinnee 2.5 on this machine using its networking built in.

First off with all of this hardware does anyone disagree with the combination of the two Falcons and how I want to set them up??? Is there a better combination that someone believes I should go that route instead??? Raise any questions, comments or concerns here before I start just to get this out and not try and reinvent this.

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MagXNet connection issue Falcon060 Apr,29.2015-23:31
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