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Mint, XaAES with Jinnee
Posted by: Falcon060 May,01.2015-01:52 

To anyone,
Ok I need some help with installing Mint. I want a full blown mint setup. Not some hacked up or watered down version. What files will I need??? Any recommendations on how to do a fresh install on a completely fresh setup. I am planning on using this on my second Falcon that will have a CT63, etherNAT and I am hoping the CTPCI. I want to do install this onto a compact flash card setup. Any sites or tips anyone can give me would be appreciated. I have been not working on my Atari as much as I should. I really want to get back into this strong and heavy!!! What cards are able to work on the CTPCI??? I read somewhere about the fact that the CTPCI has a faster IDE port, is this true and is it functional??? I have many questions but let's start there.

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Mint, XaAES with Jinnee Falcon060 May,01.2015-01:52
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      Re: Mint, XaAES with Jinnee Falcon060 May,08.2015-01:43
        Re: Mint, XaAES with Jinnee evil May,09.2015-09:04
          Re: Mint, XaAES with Jinnee calimero Jun,02.2015-11:38

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