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Music players

FalcAMP v1.2
by Splash and ST-Ghost / Sector One
Pluginbased realtime MP3 player from Sector One. Supports external 44.1/48 kHz clocks and have internal frequency conversion if a clock is missing. The player is a mix of cpu/dsp code, and uses approx 15-20% cpu on a Centurbo II. Can also play internet-streamed audio (Shoutcast/Icecast).

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FlaySid v3.02beta
by Splash / Sector One
A DSP based SID emulator with filter support. Some sort of highspeed Falcon recomended for good quality playback.

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 »  Download v3.01 (non-beta)


GemPlay v1.95
by SWE / YesCREW
A multiformat player from YesCREW which replaces their previous players (GemACE, GemGT2 and GemMOD). GemPlay plays protracker modfile (4-8ch), ACE Tracker, SNDH, Graoumf Tracker, Art Of Noise/Chorus and XLR8 files.

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MP2 Audio v0.997
by Noring and NoBrain / NoCrew
DSP mp2 decoder from NoCrew. It replay mp2 files in the background using 0% cpu load! GEM interface with a lisp controlling languange.

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Playsid ST/STe/030 v2.01
by Tao and Abyss / Cream
The only SID player available that supports 8MHz ST and STe machines. Good soundquality and custom interface.

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STj 1.5
by gwEm / PHF
A special SNDH-player aimed for DJ performances. Includes Fast cueing, Loops, Fast track load and Tempo adjustment. Works in both colour and mono.

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The Player v1.0
by Code / TBL and Lance
A 4, 6 and 8 channel background mod player for STe! True 50 kHz replay (no multiplex or oversample cheating). Average cpu useage about 25% with 4-channels and 70% with 8-channels, always 50 kHz.

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