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Re: CT60 not found
Posted by: specter Apr,16.2016-03:27 

Okay, thanks for the tip, Instream.
I checked the pins on the CT60 expansion headers using oscilloscope.
I can see the clock as well as activity on the address bus.
However, all data lines are static at +5V.
I'm not sure if this is normal.
So, this seems to indicate that the connection to motherboard is there, since I do have a voltage.

Could you think of any other test points to try on the ct60 board?
On the ABE for example?

Also, how does ct60flash.tos determine whether or not ct60 is present.
I may write code to check the contents of the flash, since it should appear in memory at $e00000 (same as TOS ROM) according to the ct60 harware guide.

Thanks again.

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