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extender issues + supervide
Posted by: neurotics Aug,29.2014-13:16 


I have two falcons. One is equipped with an older ct60, ctpci installed in a tower case. Everything is fine with it.

The second one is still in its original case. In order to use my ct63/supervidel/ethernat combination in the original case I recently soldered the ct extender that came with my supervidel.

After installing it my falcon still works fine in f030 mode but ct63 mode crashes after the startup screen with the following message:

68060 Rev. 6 Mask E41J 66.6Mhz

Status Register (SR): $2700, bits to 1: S I2 I1
Programm Counter (PC): $00DFE800
Basepage: $00006D00

So I removed the ram (256mb) from my second accelerator card (ct60) and put it into the ct63, same result. The ct63 ram (512mb) works fine in my ct60. ct60 works also fine in the falcon I'd chosen for installing the ct63.

For testing purposes I tried it only without installing supervidel/ethernat to make sure that neither the supervidel nor the ethernat gets destroyed during testing.

So do I have to try it with supervidel/ethernat installed or is something wrong with the soldering of the ct extender?

-- neurotics --

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