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CT60 32 MHz clock
Posted by: Thomas / New Beat Sep,09.2014-11:09 


I have problems getting Ct60+SV working and it seams like the source of the evil is the 32MHz clock. The Ct60 refuses to boot (19 times of 20) when running in non accelerated mode (only black screen) but when I enable the bus acceleration, it boots.
Rodolphe told me to change source for the 32MHz to the Ct60 and take it from the DSP OSC instead.

So I wonder if anyone did this and have some instructions how to do so...


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CT60 32 MHz clock Thomas / New Beat Sep,09.2014-11:09
  Re: CT60 32 MHz clock Hugues Sep,09.2014-15:22
    Re: CT60 32 MHz clock Thomas / New Beat Sep,10.2014-08:09

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