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Re: IDE is finished
Posted by: Ektus Jan,29.2012-20:20 

>Do you know how are used these button (do they correspond to a physical
>address ?) A second IDE port should be on these 2:2 & 2:3.

On the Milan, the "devices and partitions" dialogue shows Bus 2: Milan IDE with eight buttons. Bus 1 is SCSI (SymSCSI0).

Device check displays all four devices on Milan IDE as follows:

HDDRUTIL 8.42 Geräte-Check

Bus 2: Milan IDE
00.00: FUJITSU MPC3064AT 6018 Direct Access
01.00: HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GH22NP201.02 CD-ROM/CD-Recorder/DVD
02.00: GENERIC IDE CARD READER 9350 Direct Access
03.00: Maxtor 6E020L0 NAR6 Direct Access
Bus 1: SymSCSI0
02.00: IOMEGA ZIP 100 23.D Direct Access
03.00: PIONEER CD-ROM DR-U12X 1.06 CD-ROM/CD-Recorder/DVD
04.00: IBM DCAS-34330 S65A Direct Access
06.00: WDC WD400BB-75DEA0 05.0 Direct Access

Therefore, hddriver (or in this case, hddrutil) should do likewise with the second IDE channel on the Falcon. But it's up to Uwe and you to discuss how hddriver will know about the second bus. It should be only a couple lines of code, I hope.
It might work "as is" if the TOS announces via XHDI that there is a second IDE, but would likely show that as a separate bus, not merge it with the existing Falcon IDE.


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