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Re: IDE is finished
Posted by: Rodolphe Jan,29.2012-12:18 

Hello Didier,
If using $FFF00040 as second IDE port [my idea was to be compatible with Firebee and simplify the work for you and Uwe (?)...], I cannot swap in the ABE chip the 2 IDE ports
BECAUSE ABE receive only ADD bit 31 to 13... so he cannot do difference between $FFF00000 and $FFF00040, sure !
SDR can (he has A31 to A2 bits) and I use actually a signal between SDR and ABE to inform ABE that where is a $FFF00040 pending access; so ABE avoids AS generation to MB (if there is AS generation, there is no hardware on MB to respond and we get a BUS ERROR from COMBEL).
SDR sends too a signal to CTPCI (same reason : CTPCI cannot decode so fine address : CTPCI decode only A31 to A24 & A5 alone for IDE CSO & CS1 difference)

To do the swap of the 2 IDE ports I need a second signal from SDR to ABE or I have to mix the signal with the previous SDR-ABE signal.
It is what we call in French 'usine a gaz'.

Ok, I have to check if it is possible without giving some new problems...

PS : it seems that the IDESWA register is set to 1 by default, which gives the CTPCI IDE port as the primary port (Falcon IDE)... This is with CTPCI set in the CPX. Correct ? To get Primary IDE port on Falcon, the CPX must be FALCON ?

I'm a bit afraid by the fact that we may boot machine with the wrong CPX setting and see machine triyng to boot on the IDE port while the HDD to boot is on the other IDE port and vice versa (<-- english understandable ?)

By the way, can you explain US how the HD Driver (and others) will see the new IDE port ? By example for HD Driver, do we need to request to Uwe seimet a release to manage $FFF00040 IDE port ???
How is it planned on FIREBEE ??

PS : in HD Driver software there is 8 button from 2:0 to 2:7 as IDE Bus devices.
2:0 & 2:1 are the 2 IDE device on $FFF00000 on Falcon, ok.
But the 2:2 & 2:3 ??
Do you know how are used these button (do they correspond to a physical address ?) A second IDE port should be on these 2:2 & 2:3.
Have we something to request to Uwe ? If Yes, I can write to him but I 'm sure it will be more easy for you to explain what is needed. ;-)

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