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CT60 and related things BBS
IDE is finished
Posted by: Rodolphe Jan,29.2012-01:06 


The timings are :
WORD access = 11 cycles = 110ns @100 MHz
LONG access = 20 cycles = 200ns @100 MHz

This is 2.5 times faster than F030 IDE from 030 or from CT60.
But Kronos 2.01 gives only +16% speed in the HDD test.
I assume that the new bandwidth is not used well by the software.
But... when booting with HD Driver I see on my HDD indentification :
2.9MB/s with CT60 on F030 IDE port
9.7MB/s with CT60 on CTPCI IDE port !

Now we need update FLASH and an update on HDDriver 8.4x to dectect the new IDe port that is just after the first one :
Same address than on FIREBEE...
Will simplify Didier work.

No more SWAPP !
I cannot manage it with this IDE Address.
And after long thinking hardware swapp has no utility because we can select boot order by soft into HD driver and from Didier CPX I think, I hope...

Does somebody here know how the second IDE port on Firebbe will be nanaged/used by HDdriver ???
Is there a new Hd driver planned ???

I will udpate CPLD on web page but you will not be able to use thi second IDE without software following...

By the way, if some of you want to test the new IDE port INSTEAD of the old one, I can send on mail a special CPLD set that allow to REPLACE F030 IDE port by CTPCI IDE Port ! Whay I used here to test !
Let me know

Same step : PLX DMA RED BURST from SDRAM, the last thing to be done.
After we will see with Didier if all is running nice or not...
Here with the tests I can do, all is OK.

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