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Re: DSP memorymap problem
Posted by: insane/tscc Jun,27.2018-15:16 

It is like tat said - 160*120=19200 is bigger than the 16384 dsp word space available for X and Y memory. If your code is not in 0000..01ff you'll end up overwriting your own code. If you overwrite X:0x3800 you'll overwrite the TOS communication code/debugger.

From my notes: (dunno if it helps)
X/Y-Mem 0000-01ff: RAM/ROM
X/Y-Mem 0200-3fff: 16k Words RAM
X/Y-Mem 4000-7fff: 16k Shadow of 0000-3fff
X/Y-Mem 8000-ffff: Reserved

Prg-Mem 0000-01ff: Internal RAM
Prg-Mem 01ff-3fff: Same as Y-RAM 01ff-3fff
Prg-Mem 4000-7fff: Same as X-RAM 0000-3fff
Prg-Mem 8000-ffff: Reserved

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