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DSP memorymap problem
Posted by: Emphii Jun,26.2018-21:56 

Hi all.

I have a "slight" problem with mapping memory with DSP. I've been digging around my "red manual", but still, I cannot find the problem. Perhaps I explain with some code.

I have something like this:

move #table1,r0
move #table2,r1

move #>1,y0
clr a

do #120,l1
do #160,l2

add y0,a

move a,x:(r0)+
move a,y:(r1)+

l1 nop
l2 nop


org x:$200
table1 ds 120*160

org y:$200
table2 ds 120*160

So, my problem is that with y-memory everything goes fine, but x-memory stucks with debugger and when running. I've got very frustrated, 'coz I've been wrestling with this couple of days (weekends) already.

If I change table2 under Y-memory, compiler (devpac 56k) says, NOT F030 smnthng..

What I have misunderstood here, please help. :)

Emphii / Extream.

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