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Atari coding BBS
Re: DSP coding
Posted by: mikro Sep,13.2016-00:44 

Yeah, my toolchain is more or less the same as Anima's, I just chose Qt Creator instead of Eclipse, the rest (Vincent's cross tools, DSP binaries for Windows by Motorola) is the same.

Cute56 ( is a lame attempt to make a nice simulator/debugger with UI but honestly, using Hatari + its DSP debugger may make more sense these days. But it has its learning curve. ;)

When it comes to the DSP itself, the best you can do is to start playing with its instructions -- see how MPY(R) / MAC(R) work, try parallel moves, create a simple transformation matrix... At the end of the day it's quite easy, really (it's a RISC after all), the real challenge is to cope with lack of memory and slow CPU <-> DSP channel.

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