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32 MHz clock at Videl's EXTCLK
Posted by: mikro Sep,01.2016-13:57 

Not exactly a coding question but for all those who doesn't follow AF:

Please take a look at the gallery: (to preserve the big resolution).

I have a PowerUp 2'ed Falcon and when installing a new hard drive I noticed there's a loose wire floating (#1). Closer look tells it was probably connected to Videl pin #14 which happens to be EXTCLK (#2). To my surprise, the other end of the wire goes to the DSP's 32 MHz oscillator (#3).

Anyone can think of a reason why that would make sense? I.e. having 32 MHz sourced to Videl's external clock? Or can you imagine to connect it somewhere else in pin #14's proximity (the wire's "angle" suggests it was really connected somewhere near the Videl, can't be stretched out any more and it's perfectly straight, no curves).

It's even stranger because the PowerUp 2 is supposed just to double the CPU rate, nothing else so why bother with some Videl wire?

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32 MHz clock at Videl's EXTCLK mikro Sep,01.2016-13:57
  Re: 32 MHz clock at Videl's EXTCLK evil Sep,01.2016-18:35
    Re: 32 MHz clock at Videl's EXTCLK evil Sep,02.2016-17:18
      Re: 32 MHz clock at Videl's EXTCLK mikro Sep,03.2016-09:48

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