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DSP coding
Posted by: dml Sep,12.2016-23:55 


I think Anima did a fairly good intro on the cross-tools needed for DSP coding, somewhere on AtariForum. I should still have a copy of the Motorola assembler suite to go with that. That is the same one I have always used anyway (first the TOS version provided by Atari, and later the cross version from the Motorola Suite56 package - same tool).

here it is:

So that's a decent place to start some experiments.

Mikro also made a debug-simulator called Cute56 which is worth playing with because you can trace code interactively and plot results direct to a kind of framebuffer. It's also worth learning the Hatari debug console because it has a powerful DSP debugger & profiler built into it.

I thought about doing a DSP intro tutorial of some sort but not had much time for it yet. I did start a more advanced coding guide last year but it's not finished. Meantime you can always contact me for specifics if you like.


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