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Re: Another Microwire Question
Posted by: Bod/STAX Jan,26.2012-12:36 

Just to clarify things I'm not just calling this routine when you quit and stop playing the .mod but also before the .mod starts playing to make sure everything should work as normal.

I have put a 'working' version of my game together and I also call is within the loader code before part of the game is run and afterwards too just as a precaution incase I forget to call it within a part of the game. Running this code more that once shouldn't cause any problems AFAIK.

I should also point out that the loader worked fine but as soon as installed the microwire reset code it started to hang at random. I can also tell from this version of the game weather it has hung within the loader or when it's running a part of the game.

As I said previously I don't think it's the routine as the TCB Tracker STE replay routine does the same.

The only other thing I can think of and if nobody else has ever experienced this it has to be a hardware fault (This is the only STE I've ever owned and knowing my luck it probably is a hardware problem).

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