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Atari coding BBS
ST Synclock demosystem v1.0
Posted by: RA/pdx Jan,14.2012-23:09 

Hi evil,

I have tried to assemble you package with Devpac on Hatari 1.6.0. First i got some error messages and i had to change some label names and to deactivate the color fade. Now i can assemble it but i get 2 bombs when starting.

I just wanted to test if your STE fullscreen mode without stabilizers still works fine with the STE hardware scrolling and screen splits. Have you already tested this?

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ST Synclock demosystem v1.0 RA/pdx Jan,14.2012-23:09
  Re: ST Synclock demosystem v1.0 evil Jan,15.2012-10:53
    Re: ST Synclock demosystem v1.0 RA/pdx Jan,16.2012-14:50

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