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Re: DMA/YM Chip Question
Posted by: Bod/STAX Oct,02.2011-22:08 

Thanks for your reply.

I'm now begining to think that it's not what I first though it was
that is causing the flicker.

Obviously because it's a game everything is done off a loop (except
all the other stuff I need to be sure occours at the right time
I.E. under interrupt).

The flicker seems to occour when I briefly go over 1 vbl in the loop.
The first thing I do after a vsync in the loop is scroll/switch screens
using the STE hardware scrolling. I think it's at this point the flicker
is occouring but I can't see how a flicker should happen. Surely
just the screen update would slow down.

Maybe I should change the screen refresh from 1 vbl to 2 vbl's and see
how I get on with that.

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