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STE Microwire Reset
Posted by: Bod/STAX Sep,05.2011-20:06 

I've posted this over at Atari Forum so I thought I'd ask here as well.

I'm using Lance's 50khz modplayer in the front-end of my game and because it uses the Microwire interface for trickery obtaining it's speed I want to know how to reset the interface so when I go into my game's main engine all the soundchip music and dma sound effects work properly.

I've booted up my STE and read the microwire registers and thus the following code should reset the microwire interface:

clr.w $fffff8922.w
move.w #$0ffe,$fffff8924.w

This works most of the time, but on the odd occasion when exiting the front end sound only comes out of the left speaker (nothing on the right). I also use this code before the front end is run as a precaution and again on the odd occasion I get two channels from the mod player playing on the left and nothing on the right.

It has been suggested that I switch the two instructions around or a loop should be used as the microwire is a mechanism of accessing another chip which contains six non memory mapped registers. Each write serially sends out 11-bits.

Which should work absolutly correctly every time?

Or is there some example source code around I could use?


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STE Microwire Reset Bod/STAX Sep,05.2011-20:06
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