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DMA/YM Chip Question
Posted by: Bod/STAX Sep,30.2011-14:31 


Since starting work back on my game I have came across a strange "bug".

During gameplay I have to knock out the bottom border to display an
extra 8 lines of status display. Now when playing through the level
I have sound effects that use the STE DMA chip and everything works fine.
I have since included a music-mon tune that uses Timer C to replay digi
drums and that works fine, however when replaying the tune and playing
the sound effects the screen flickers occasionally just as if the 60/50
switch occours at the wrong point on-screen. I have tried turning off
the Timer C interrupt before the 60/50 switch and then turning it back
on but to no avail.

Have any of you guys come across anything like this before?

This is REALLY bugging me as everything should work fine.

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