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Re: New game for the Falcon
Posted by: joska Dec,12.2020-17:23 

Thank you :)

Yes, it was a lot of work. At first it looked like a relatively easy job - "just" replace the SDL calls with Falcon-specific graphics/sound/keyboard code. But I messed up. I should have analysed the code properly before starting the conversion. If I had, I would either have dropped this project or based it on the Sega Megadrive code instead.

The original code basically composed the entire screen from 8x8 tiles and sprites every frame, which you just can't do on a stock Falcon. On top of that the game logic was very CPU intensive, with lots of nested looping for each frame. Collision detection and edge detection in particular was very inefficient and would often exceed 100% CPU usage per frame alone on some screens. I ended up writing everything from scratch rather than patching the original code. I had already written most of the code (graphics routines, keyboard/joystick/jagpag, sound effects/music code, all the "cut scenes" and much of the game logic) from scratch so ditching the last bits of the original code was not a hard decision. But I wish I had done this much sooner, it would have resulted in much better code and allowed me to improve the visuals.

Again, if anybody wants to look into an STE-port then take a look at the Megadrive-version. The code is much more efficient and better structured than the SDL-version.

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