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Re: New game for the Falcon
Posted by: joska Dec,10.2020-12:32 

I was expecting this question. Yes, the STE is more than capable of such a game. It would require new graphics, new graphics code and a more or less rewrite of the game engine though. The current implementation barely runs in 1 vbl on a stock Falcon, if you look at the outdoor scenes you'll see that there are no or almost no leaves when there are many enemy sprites on the screen.

My sprite routines are pretty naive, I don't use the blitter and my code tops out at around 18-19 16x16 64 colour sprites per frame (60Hz) on a stock Falcon. I would guess the same code would manage 10 or less 16 colour 16x16 sprites per frame (50Hz) on the STE, which is too little on several of the screens in this game. And then there's no CPU left for the game logic, or the tilebased animations found on several screens.

The Sega Megadrive version would be a good starting point if somebody wants to make an STE version. The game logic could be used as is, you "just" need to convert the graphics to 16 colours and write the some fast graphics routines.

Jo Even

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