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Re: Vlink internal error problem
Posted by: evil Jan,06.2020-19:22 

> 1 file = 1 section text + 1 section data + 1 section bss.


I do it like this as well with vasm + vlink and it works well (probably over ten years and all our demos since then).

Do you name your sections? Eg "section foobar,bss" and the next one "section barfoo,bss"? I think that can indeed cause problems for Atari linking.

Our demos is only one big object file after vasm so I shouldn't need to use vlink at all, but I've been moving between different IDEs and all of them will just happily accept a normal Makefile-build without much (if any) configuration, so I've been lazy and kept it :) And I thought maybe some day we'd do multiple object files to speed up large assembly. But really, when our largest demos build in 0.1 seconds it doesn't seem likely.

Anders Eriksson

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