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Re: Vlink internal error problem
Posted by: ggn Jan,06.2020-00:20 

Hi, a couple of notes from me:

1. This is the definition of a bug - software should not throw internal error and die, something has gone really really bad!
2. I'm puzzled by your quote that you can assemble the code under devpac. vasm can output tos binaries directly without linking. So why do you link in the first place?
3. Looking at the error message it seems that the linker is confused by multiple data sections. Do you actually have multiple "data" or "section data" parts in your codebase? Section 3 of the manual ( shows the full syntax of the "section" directive:
.section <name>[,"<attributes>"][[,@<type>]|[,%<type>]|[,<mem_flags>]]
There are quire a few optional parameters you can use to define a section. Perhaps one of your "section" commands has some extra characters that might trigger something weird? (Or, more far fetched: does your source code has some garbage characters that aren't visible normally which vasm could pick up as parameter? DOS/Linux line endings spring to mind here, some text parsers can mistake a CR as illegal character)
4. If you still can't figure out what's happening, try to remove code and data until you don't get the error anymore, then try to reduce the source down to a small reproducible case. Then send it to Frank Wille, I'm sure that he will fix the issue quite fast!
5. This should have been (1) I guess: Have you tried using the latest vasm/vlink? It might be that this is a known bug that has been fixed.

Hope this helps,

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