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Re: DSPMOD 3.4 problems
Posted by: ggn Jul,26.2020-22:37 


Here's the code I use to play samples in Downfall Falcon ( using DSPmod34:

During init:

bsr dspmod34_setup
move.w #5,dspmod34_player+dspmod34_dsptracks ;4 music + 1 sfx


DC.W $3FFF,0,0,0

The code that calls the sample player is mostly like this (a0=sample start, d0=sample length):

movea.l A0,A1
adda.l D0,A1

moveq #0,D0
move.w #221,D1
move.w #64,D2
moveq #0,D3
movea.l A0,A2
lea 2,A3
bsr dspmod34_player+dspmod34_fx

"221" is sample period that translates to Amiga timings. IIRC this value is the closest to 8KHz.

This is pretty much what I do and it's been very stable. One small thing I omitted is that I have an internal counter that avoids re-triggering the sample player if a sample is already playing. Of course the "lea 2,a3" means (IIRC again) that the looping point is 2 samples long.

In any case, I hope this helps!

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