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Re: IPL Copy-Protection
Posted by: ggn Mar,11.2020-14:17 

Very nice, thanks for taking the time to write such an elaborate description!

For people wanting to read some more stories like that, here's an interview with Zippy:

Also, on the D-bug website ( in the interviews section CJ gives a short description for an in-house protection they developed for the Total Apathy megademo: "The one for Total Apathy MegaDemo that never got released. It had four mail shells with about 20 sub-shells, timers running on the IKBD processor, code executing from $8--->$80000, a jump to $ffff8240 (the palette) to prevent carts for dumping, more sync-timing decryption routs than you could count, false routines, dead ends, hidden messages, and many many more features. It was coded by Andy The Arfling, Zippy, Xerud and myself."

I've seen some of the source code for that protection and... it wasn't that fun to read :).

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