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IPL Copy-Protection
Posted by: Orion Mar,11.2020-13:15 

For those who are interested in copy-protections, I've documented the one used in Audio Sculpture and Son Shu Si.
This protection is just amazing and it deserves that you take a look at it. It was developed by the greatest hackers of the ST era!
It's in the top 5 of the nastiest protections! :)

The doc is available here:

Orion / Reps

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IPL Copy-Protection Orion Mar,11.2020-13:15
  Re: IPL Copy-Protection ggn Mar,11.2020-14:17
    Re: IPL Copy-Protection Orion Mar,11.2020-23:54
      Re: IPL Copy-Protection grazey/PHF Mar,20.2020-11:44
        Re: IPL Copy-Protection grazey/PHF Mar,20.2020-15:13

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