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Re: Falcon 030 coding
Posted by: mikro Sep,04.2019-08:52 

Oh and when it comes to tools, I have never used anything else than Devpac (vasm these days) + its MON + DSPDebug.

The most efficient scenario I know of is to compile everything on PC (vasm + motorola's old asm56000), have Atari Falcon autorun PARCP server (or your own tool) + upload your build + fire up the binary and/or MON.PRG with the binary as parameter. But still far from the luxury of an emulator. ;)

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Falcon 030 coding spkr Sep,02.2019-18:40
  Re: Falcon 030 coding mikro Sep,04.2019-08:46
  Re: Falcon 030 coding mikro Sep,04.2019-08:52

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