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Re: 68882 testing program
Posted by: Laurent / Thadoss Jun,02.2015-00:34 

Hi all atarians,

If you're OK to help Doug and me, here is a little piece of code that doesn't behave the same on my Falcon and on Doug's one.

The program should display 2 linear numbers on each line like this :

1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
125 125
126 126
127 127
254 254
255 255

Under hatari and on Doug's falcon, it's perfectly linear, whereas on my falcon, I get many errors like

15 15
16 0
17 1
18 2
19 19
20 20

We suspect the pow function on my 68882 FPU unit to be broken, but to be sure, I's be glad if some of you with a standard falcon + FPU could do the test and verify if they get linear numbers.

I've send the prg, the source code and the makefile I use under linux to compile it.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards

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