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Re: Playing a SNDH
Posted by: BBM May,04.2015-09:47 

Hi Grazey,

It's Tomchi's track "LTC 08 Sheep'n' Chip"( - plays fine in XSC s I know the file is fine.

I do depack it first but it bombs out on me on replay...


jsr initialise init library
lea music,a0 load address of packed music file into address register 0
lea depack,a1 load address of buffer in which we are unpacking into address register 1
bsr ice_decrunch depack it, unpacked file will be in our buffer

bclr #0,$484 keyclick off
moveq.l #1,d0 tune 1
jsr depack start playback

*** Backup registers
move.l #backup,a0
move.l $70,(a0)+ backup vector $70 (VBL)
move.l $120,(a0)+ backup vector $120 (timer b)
move.b $fffa07,(a0)+ backup enable a
move.b $fffa13,(a0)+ backup mask a
move.b $fffa15,(a0)+ backup mask b
move.b $fffa1b,(a0)+ backup timer b control
move.b $fffa31,(a0)+ backup timer b data

move.l #vbl,$70.w hook VBL

wait cmp.b #57,$FFFFFC02 wait for space
bne.s wait

jsr depack+4 stop music
move.l #backup,a0
move.l (a0)+,$70 restore vector $70 (vbl)
move.l (a0)+,$120 restore vector $120 (timer b)
move.b (a0)+,$fffa07 restore enable a
move.b (a0)+,$fffa13 restore mask a
move.b (a0)+,$fffa15 restore mask b
move.b (a0)+,$fffa1b restore timer b control
move.b (a0)+,$fffa21 restore timer b data

jsr restore

clr.w -(sp) exit
trap #1

movem.l (sp)+,d0-d7/a0-a6 restore registers
move.w (sp)+,sr restore status register

jsr restore

clr.w -(sp) exit
trap #1

*** VBL Routine ***
vbl move.w #$700,$ffff8240 set the background/border to red for timing
jsr depack+8 music player
move.w #$000,$ffff8240 set the background/border back to black

*** End of VBL ***

include ice_dpck.s
include initlib.s

section data

music incbin sheep.snd

section bss

ds.b 256
depack ds.b 90000
backup ds.b 14

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