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Re: LCD monitor overscan tool ?
Posted by: evil May,31.2018-17:04 

Hi Spiny,

these are the programs I've used when measuring:

There's no magic nice number that comes out, you need to count some stuff manually.

Two prg's:
ST - traditional 230 byte ST overscan with hires stabilizer. This mode shifts the screen four pixels left so the leftmost four pixels in the test picture should be shifted out

STe - optimized 224 byte overscan without stabilization. This mode shifts the screen eight pixels right, so there should be 8 less pixels visible on the left side than the ST method. However there should be more pixels visible at the right side as there is no stabilization blackout.

There are also different amount of visible pixels and especially background colour depending which wake state your ST ends up in.

Here are my results with these programs using an OSSC:

Anders Eriksson

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