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Sommarhack 2019
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Thanks for Outline 2018!
Posted by: ggn May,13.2018-19:44 

Still at the airport waiting for the flight to take off. Just wanted to drop a message to Havoc and all the organising team for yet another fun packed party!

Hiyas to all the people at the party including wietze, tinker, grazey, gaz, tronic, lisu, jac!, britelite, wysiwtarvenius, harekiet, beetle (+daughter), thebat and the whole guideline crew, cih, felice, and all the people that voted for our stuff! (sorry, I'm probably forgetting a ton of people here, mind will not cooperate!)

See you all next year!

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Thanks for Outline 2018! ggn May,13.2018-19:44

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