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Re: Glokzilla
Posted by: Tomchi Nov,16.2017-01:16 

The strongest part is gloky's tortured code to have so many pixels moving realtime during one VBL i'd say.
Second comes the real f*cking hard work to merge many source code ( yeah that's insane, at least that's what you'd think when scrolling into one effect source code ...) and chew them to run on a 1 meg STF, Mr Nours brought it into life.
Then come the non COM gfx, fractal patterns look awesome and the font is so smoothly overlaid and coordinated with effects palettes... Really looks like if more than 16 cols were displayed, damn i wish my name was drawn like that ! erm ... wait !
We've all seen more eye stunning effects for sure, this one is codeporn, no argument against that.
Thx guys to let me be a part of it .

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