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Posted by: C-Rem Nov,15.2017-19:24 

About Glokzilla : The best condition to see it is the big PRG version : The music is correctly synchronised ... but needs 2mo

The ' files ' versions are not synchronised ... the floppy/files version is the worst to see coz the zik is 5min20 long and the loading time takes a lot so effects are very short ..
dont forget to test it for real there are few funny things inside this demo

Mr Nours has debugged all the effects , worked on all the main code and believe me it was a big job to do .. without him no 'best of gloky' possible .. thx Nours

Tomchi has done the music in the last 2 weeks :) ... faster than the light!

thx for the nice feedbacks on Pouet

Extra Blah-blah :
During the Alchimie party we have saved few Menus with Strider and sent .MSA to Brume
We have seen STS , ST Cooper and GT Turbo ... that was a real pleasure to see you there :)

I've met an old ATARI Scener : KILLERS (Europswap).. i think we'll see things from him soon

Note : We have finished 3rd but Amstrad PLUS demos were amazing .. dont forget to have a look :)

well that's all ..


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