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Re: s_t_s are you there ?
Posted by: zed_fla Apr,05.2017-22:29 

Not sure if I am becoming dumb or old or both but I can not read the message from s_t_s and I tried with 3 different web browser.

But I can read Cooper.

Hi Cooper,
I am so glad you are taking good care of my falcon, I miss him so much.
In fact this gap in my life pushed me back to the Atari scene.
Problem is I moved to the African continent and finding a falcon here is a complete no-go.
But I moved with a 1040STF and another 520STF. I replaced the 520 STF motherboard by a PC motherboard that boots directly Aranym with pretty much the same configuration that what my falcon was when I sold it: Mint + Xaaes + Thing.
Difference is that I now have ethernet, 1080p desktop and a serious CPU boost compared to the CT2.
10 years down the line I forgot how fucking buggy it was and how many reset a day I was doing.
When I want to play some demo, hatari offers a correct level of compatibility with the Falcon, actually better since if I remember correctly with the CT2 a lot of demos and games could not work at all.

If you have a picture of your falcon that would be great to see it again.

Chat with you soon,

Zed / FLA

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