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Atari demoscene BBS
s_t_s are you there ?
Posted by: zed_fla Apr,05.2017-18:34 

Hi there,

Just a quick note, I was looking for my old friend s_t_s that fortunately will remember me...
So Seb? WTF is going on in your life my friend?
I miss you.
I find an old pic of us here
Since it looks that you are collecting scene related stuffs, do you have perhaps some pictures of the Volcanic party? I miss this era.
I am back on Atari. and for good.
And it is good to see that the scene is still alive.


Zed / FLA

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s_t_s are you there ? zed_fla Apr,05.2017-18:34
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    Re: s_t_s are you there ? zed_fla Apr,05.2017-22:32

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