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Atari demoscene BBS
Re: noob release
Posted by: ggn Mar,31.2017-16:48 

Big scroller, rasters and bouncing - what's not to like? :)

First of all, both screens bomb out at 4mb. After a quick look I saw that you have a movem copy loop which tries to copy 320 bytes * 200 scanlines = 64000 bytes. Because you're copying that at $3f8000 and the screen is 32000 bytes, you go over the physical ram and get a bus error! Cutting the movems to half will fix this (160 * 200 bytes). This doesn't show on <4mb machines as the bus doesn't report an error even if there's no ram plugged in and you're inside the 0-4mb range.

As for enhancements.. I didn't run it with sound so I don't know if you're playing music, but if you don't then some music will definitely make things much better! Also some scrolling raster bars for the background pic might also spice things up.

Anyway, congrats for your first release, it's not half bad!

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