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Re: Enjoy Sillyventure !
Posted by: Thadoss / Dune Nov,14.2016-23:15 

Hi all,

Really, that was one of the best SillyVenture.
A great cru (as we say in France for a gorgeous Wine) ;)

A lot of very excellent prods for all machines, 5 prods on Falcon (who would have believe that there could be 5 prods on Falcon in 2016 ?).
Great graphs, musics, compos level.

But the great part was also in meeting all the atari sceners. I had some very interresting discussions with some of you (DSP is REALLY easy to code guys ;)
Mister Splash, we've got some work to finish ;)

I also enjoyed the after party in Gdansk and Sopot (looking at the super moon reflecting in the baltic sea was a nice moment, especially when Zerkman started to play the emotional titanic MP3, which made us laugh a lot)

But the best of all was what Grey, Sylwia, their kids and the other organizers involved in preparing the party made to let us have a good time.
I really thank you all. BRAVO

I wish there'll be plenty more parties like that.

Best regards to all sceners


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