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Re: Enjoy Sillyventure !
Posted by: Felice Nov,14.2016-22:01 

Yes, as others have said, Sillyventure 2k16 was a decent party; the best one yet as organized by Grey, Wieczor and the rest of the team.

More of those of us from the 16/32-bit Atari scene need to start making the journey to Gdansk again - alongside the 8-bit guys who produce decent material every year it would be good to have more of us there in person, rather than just sending in remote entries in a few cases.

It was great to catch up with everyone there too and experience some other areas of Gdansk that we hadn't seen before. Including one or two of the late-night bars which had a great atmosphere and music, particularly when the party itself was either quiet or wasn't open at the time :)

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