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CT60 boot 1.05
Posted by: insane/.tSCc. Mar,20.2019-13:29 

For those who don't freqent Atari-Forum:
I've released a new CT60 Boot ROM for the CT60
(without PCI! - CTPCI IDE is supported BUT NO IDE DEVICES).

Boot Changelog since v1.03c
- modified the sources for cross compilation on PC (huge thanks to mikro!)
- added fixes from 1.03c-PM (background color ESC-c)
- added fixes from 1.03d (flash chip id is 16bit, not 32bit)
- added v_pline fix from 1.04alpha
- added Patrice Mandin's CT60 Setup, enhanced it and bugfixed the setup loader
- added CTPCI IDE Port support (and nothing else regarding PCI!)
- limit CTPCI memory space to 0xC0000000-0xE0000000 (This way Ethernat+SuperVidel+CTPCI work)
- fixed boot modecode interlace setting when boot monitor != running monitor
- fixed VT52 emulator: ESC KoJEd all destroyed the saved cursor pos
- removed ataboot Linux Atari Bootstrap from ROM - It can't boot the current Linux/m68k Kernel
- Selecting Linux will launch C:BOOTSTRA.TOS
- New Atari Logo Display Routine which doesn't use the Blitter (for SV Users)

get it @

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