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CT60 and related things BBS
Posted by: JoeAtari Dec,27.2018-05:35 

I miss the days when everone posted all the latest CT60 news and questions here! I found a CTPCI on eBay and installed it over the last several days. Video, USB, and network card are all working! Now I am going to put the four card board into a case with the power supply I'm using. I just need to figure out how I am going to route the cables. This falcon is in the original case without the shielding. I am so excited that it actually works!

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CTPCI JoeAtari Dec,27.2018-05:35
  Re: CTPCI ragnar Dec,28.2018-22:42
    Re: CTPCI Mac-Falcon Jan,15.2019-11:42
      Re: CTPCI JoeAtari Jan,21.2019-08:20
        Re: CTPCI Mac-Falcon Jan,21.2019-12:09

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