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CT60 and related things BBS
Posted by: Damion Apr,13.2017-03:07 

After my Falcon has been stored away for the last 4+ years and Im trying ( failing ) to get it started up again, Im also thinking of giving this little PICO thingy I bought a while back a shot.

It requires a 12v PSU to run it, but what does that mean in real terms?

I have a handful of PSUs with various power outputs, and of course the higher the Amps the better, but What does this mean in Watts? What does the Falcon / CT63 require when it comes to Watts?

I mean, I have a couple of 4.5A PSUs that will fit into the PICO just peachy, but will that drive the Falcon?

Anyone willing to offer anything to an idiot?

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PICO ATX PSU - What PSU ? Damion Apr,13.2017-03:07
  Re: PICO ATX PSU - What PSU ? ggn Apr,13.2017-16:36
    Re: PICO ATX PSU - What PSU ? mikro Apr,19.2017-01:36
      Re: PICO ATX PSU - What PSU ? MadMax2023 Jul,08.2017-11:48

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