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CT60e is coming
Posted by: AdamK Feb,07.2017-10:15 

As some of you may know, CT60e is coming. It is streamlined CT60, and uses small ARM chip ( for purposes like reading 060 temperature, etc. It has 2KB of RAM, 48mHz Cortex M0+ core. It is connected with via I2C bus, and could be used as additional DSP, if we can persuade willy (designer of CT60e) to allow it in firmware. So, if you're interested - drop a note here.

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CT60e is coming AdamK Feb,07.2017-10:15
  Re: CT60e is coming Grey Feb,07.2017-18:33
  Re: CT60e is coming Daniel Feb,17.2017-23:50
    Re: CT60e is coming AdamK Mar,02.2017-13:22

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