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Re: CT63 soldering 060 socket
Posted by: Falcon060 Apr,29.2015-23:21 

I believe it is a CT63 even though it says CT60 on the board itself. At some point I bought another board. But there is no CPU and no socket soldered to the board. I apparently bought a socket thinking I could do it at some point but looking at it I have not soldered in 7-8 years and it seems it would be a bit of a task for me. If you want to do the job its yours for the taking. I can supply you with the CT63 board, an 060 socket and a 100 mhz CPU for testing before you send it back. I do want to say though that the CPU is oriented WRONG. I will send that CPU with the note that Rudolphe Czuba put with the CPU and you will probably see what I mean. Thanks so much and appreciate it immensely.


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