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ct60 sv extender part 2
Posted by: neurotics Feb,27.2015-14:29 

So my collegues changed my second ct with nearly the same results.

ct60 with soldered sv extender flawlessly works in f030 mode. In 060 mode it doesn't work although this time the startup screen also doesn't work instead there is a distorted picture and the monitor is (nearly) out of sync.

I tested it with two different falcon boards and two different psus. nvram chip is socketed so I even changed this. I also have two different sdrams that used to work fine in the unmodified ct060s so I don't think it is a sdram problem.

The ct060 boards both worked fine when the sv extender was just plugged in and not socketed.

Information: The ct060 was used in conjunction with a ctpci and everything worked fine. Perhaps I have to change something so that it works again in standard mode?

Actually I think there is something wrong that I do not recognize.

Any ideas?

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ct60 sv extender part 2 neurotics Feb,27.2015-14:29
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