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Re: Supervidel + move.b
Posted by: mikro Dec,19.2014-11:29 

It makes sense to use with TT RAM -> TT RAM transfer (instead of move.l) but with SV RAM it doesn't pay off at all:

->TT RAM: 28998.255751 kB/s (slightly faster than move.l)
->SV RAM: 25303.494442 kB/s (slower than SV RAM move.l, nearly identical to TT RAM->TT RAM with move.l)

Anyway, using movem doesn't make sense at all, if you want copy, you use move16 (much faster in both cases), if you want pixel/rgb32 access, you use move.[bwl] ...

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Supervidel + move.b mikro Dec,12.2014-18:59
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  Re: Supervidel + move.b mikro Dec,19.2014-11:29

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